Ceramic and Titanium Hotbars

Ceramic Hotbars temperature range is ambient to 400°C with embedded thermocouple feedback for optimum temperature control. TODDCO's patented hotbar technology provides direct conductive heat on contact to reflow solder or cure Anisotropic Conductive Film (ACF).  Our durable Ceramic Hotbars are built to customer specific dimensions from 12 to 100 mm (approx. 0.5 to 4 in.). Standard width is 3 mm.

Ceramic Bars can be manufactured with mounting holes that are compatible with all standard TODDCO hot bar mount assemblies. Our 4th generation of Ceramic Hotbars require no hardware or software changes to interface with TC-1000 or TC-1200 Temperature Controllers.

“Ceramic Hotbars provide the highest degree of flatness during temperature cycles while isolating sensitive leads from incurring voltage during the bonding process,” per TODDCO’s hot bar patent holder, Thomas W. Todd.
Ceramic Hotbars
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Titanium Hotbars
Metal Hotbars are built to custom specifications. Virtually every mounting style and material type is available.
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Anisotropic Conductive Film (ACF)

 ACF is commonly used in post liquid crystal display manufacturing to make the electrical and mechanical connections from the driver electronics to the glass substrates of the LCD.
ACF is also  used to perform the flex-to-board or flex-to-flex connections used in handheld electronic devices such as mobile phones, MP3 players, or in the assembly of CMOS camera modules.
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