TG-1000 Hotbar Bonder

With modular options for virtually any hotbar bonding operation, the TG-1000 Hotbar Bonder easily transforms from a feature rich, flexible prototyping system to a high-throughput production cell optimized for your specific process requirements.  Manual, semi-auto and automated alignment of parts is available on the TG-1000. Dual look-up or look-down cameras facilitate critical fine pitch alignment of TAB, COF, COG or other flex circuit component attachment to Glass or PCB's. TODDCO's production-ready philosophy includes custom tooling and ceramic hot bars designed for specific process requirements.

TODDCO bonders use a closed-loop, pulsed heat temperature control system with durable G3 ceramic hot bars which provide the industry’s fastest thermal cycling rates.  A servo-driven bond head achieves high precision force control for both high and low force bonding.  Process parameters are easily monitored and compared to the target profile using the real time graphical display.  The user interface provides an intuitive platform for quickly developing and executing a process that meets your exact production requirements. Modular options provide configuration flexibility and easy retooling for high-mix manufacturing.

Use the intuitive HMI for quick bond profile development.  A graphical bond profile screen guides development of critical process parameters. The data logging feature saves actual performance versus bond profile for selected bonds. Auxiliary thermocouple inputs can be displayed for thermal analysis. Saved bond profiles are easily recalled for quick changes in high mix production. Motion Control X-Y positions are incorporated into process files for a complete, repeatable production process.

Available Options

  • Up to 64” Panel Capacity

  • Motorized Camera Systems

  • Look-up and/or Look-down Cameras

  • Automated or Manual TAB Alignment

  • Camera Assisted Alignment

  • Motorized Interposer Feeder

  • Custom Tooling
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  • For Medium to Large LCD/PDP Panels

  • Fine Pitch Alignment & Bonding in One System

  • Precision Co-planarity & Temperature Control

  • Works for Most TAB Sizes & Shapes

  • For High-mix Production and Rework Processes
  • Ceramic Hot Bars

  • Closed Loop Temperature Control

  • Precision Motorized Servo-Actuator

  • Real Time Graphical Display

  • Easy, Intuitive Process Development

  • Advanced Process and Quality Controls