TG-2000 Hotbar Bonder

The new TG-2000 Dual Hotbar Bonding System includes two independent, high pressure, hotbars for ACF tacking and bonding of TABs to fine pitch glass ITO and associated PCBs. TG-2000 is a floor standing, semi-auto production or rework cell that can tack ACF material to ITO, align TAB or COF to ITO with 4-axis TAB pedestal and dual look-down camera system, and bond ACF with two high pressure (650N), pulsed heat, ceramic hotbars. TODDCO’s modular design allows a broad range of standard options to be configured to meet customer specific automation and production requirements.

The TG-2000 motorized dual look-down camera system facilitates alignment to fine (quantify) pitch ITO. Additional targeting features and embedded LED illumination enhance visualization of fiducials beneath tacked ACF. TG-2000 incorporates a closed loop temperature controller for precision temperature control of TODDCO ceramic hotbars. The versatile system design provides a wide force range for two independent, servo-driven bond heads. TODDCO’s production-ready systems include custom tooling and ceramic hot bars designed for the exact process requirements.

System software provides a graphical bond profile screen to guide development of critical process parameters. Motion controlled positions of X-Y transport and dual look-down cameras are incorporated into process files for a complete, repeatable, hot bar production process. Operator prompts displayed on a front panel HMI are easily incorporated into the sequence file for customer specific operation. Easy recall of saved sequence files quickly accommodates high-mix production. Two levels of password security identify users and allocate access levels.

Available Options

  • Dual Hotbar Actuators

  • Motorized Camera Systems

  • Look-up and/or Look-down Cameras

  • Automated or Manual TAB Alignment

  • Camera Assisted Alignment

  • Motorized Interposer Feeder

  • Custom Tooling
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  • For Medium to Large LCD/PDP Panels

  • Fine Pitch Alignment & Bonding in One System

  • Precision Co-planarity & Temperature Control

  • Works for Most TAB Sizes & Shapes

  • For High-mix Production and Rework Processes
  • Ceramic Hot Bars

  • Closed Loop Temperature Control

  • Precision Motorized Servo-Actuator

  • Real Time Graphical Display

  • Easy, Intuitive Process Development

  • Advanced Process and Quality Controls