TG-500 Hotbar Bonder

When space is limited but expectations aren’t, the TODDCO TG-500 Bonder is the right choice. The TG-500 is a benchtop unit that has many of the features usually found only on larger, more expensive systems.

TODDCO bonders use a closed-loop pulsed heat control system with durable G3 ceramic hotbars, providing the fastest thermal cycling rates in the industry. An industrial panel PC with integrated 12” touch screen and a servo-driven bond head, able to achieve high precision force control in both high and low force modes, are standard on all models. Parametersare easily monitored and compared to the target profile using a real time graphical display. 

Use the intuitive HMI for quick bond profile development.  A graphical bond profile screen guides development of critical process parameters. The data logging feature saves actual performance versus bond profile for selected bonds. Auxiliary thermocouple inputs can be displayed for thermal analysis. Saved bond profiles are easily recalled for quick changes in high mix production. Motion Control X-Y positions are incorporated into process files for a complete, repeatable production process.

The TG-500 can be equipped with a pneumatic slide for use with a look-down optics system, or a two position pneumatic rotary table to decrease production cycle times.  TODDCO has full design and machine shop capabilities to produce custom tooling for any application. No matter what the application, in a high mix laboratory setting or a fast paced production environment, TODDCO can help bring your vision to life.

Available Options

  • Single or Dual Cameras

  • Pneumatic Y-Axis Slide

  • Rotary Table

  • Motorized X-Y Table

  • X-Y-Z-Theta TAB Positioner

  • Motorized Interposer Feeder

  • Custom Tooling
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  • For small to medium LCD/PDP Panels

  • Fine Pitch Alignment & Bonding in One System

  • Precision Co-planarity & Temperature Control

  • Works for Most TAB Sizes & Shapes

  • For High-mix Production and Rework Processes
  • Ceramic Hot Bars

  • Closed Loop Temperature Control

  • Precision Motorized Servo-Actuator

  • Real Time Graphical Display

  • Easy, Intuitive Process Development

  • Advanced Process and Quality Controls